In a world of tone and shade, colour is what lifts and inspires me.


The mellow flow of muted colours against dense and pungent hues, juxtaposed by bright, intense and explosive contrasts, is how I sense my way through a painting.


My style is inspired by a full spectrum chromatic scale, a marriage of contrasts, styles and influences.  


The concepts start as a flicker of colours, this then in turn develop a flow and contrast in which a painting is created then born.

Some are chaotic, some are clean cut and all derive from a deep and energetic place from within a creative realm, a space filled with cascading variety, a dazzling array of feelings and perspective, continuity and depth, an ebb and flow of elegance and spice, a feast of suaveness, richness, a shift in visual sensory.


The tree of creativities roots grows deeply into the earth and its limbs bare the fruits of talent and creation. Overwhelming is the emotion to produce, it’s an urge, a craving, a need to fill the void with colours and shapes.


My creations are a form of visionary art. Each painting derived from a vivid feeling, a different emotion, each is an explanation of my senses.

I hail from a beautiful country called New Zealand, an island of mystical presence deep in the South Pacific Ocean.

Nature is always at the doorstep and the sacred spirit is very much apparent in abundance of stunning landscapes. A place of intriguing cultural blends and being happily isolated we are unaffected by popular influences of other mainstream cultures and therefore develop and evolve at our own pace.

Being brought up in a household where creativity was opulent and encouraged. We breathed fresh air in rural settings and were shown that creativity is opulent and should be nurtured.


As a very young girl, I felt drawn to being an artist and developed those innate senses of creativity through putting my hands toward sewing, sculpture, painting and drawing.


My interests in mechanical workings naturally developed my skills and creativity even extending into a world of architecture, engineering and period design admiring artist such as Guastav Klimt, Egon Schelie and Leonardo Da Vinci.


Painting as often as possible eventually led me into the world of tattooing, a world of design and drawing, a place where the many facets of my personality are fulfilled. Exploring ancient symbolism, particularly in alchemy and magic, through out different cultures and world history.These many cultural symbols are present in my tattooing, as their meanings are ancient forms of art and expressions.

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